Ras, a term that literally means head in Amharic. In Ethiopian culture, a word of reverence, a title given to a chief or prince. At Ras Plant Based, we aim to uphold all that this symbolic name stands for, fusing modernity with ancient recipes to create a one of a kind dining experience. From our thoughtful, carefully curated dishes to our larger than life murals, we transport you to the bustling streets of Addis with each and every bite.


Romeo and Milka Regalli always envisioned creating an Ethiopian culinary experience reminiscent of the meals that they watched their grandparents make- food that was simple yet insanely complex, made with love and bursting with flavor.


Ras is their interpretation of recipes handed down through generations, a place where modern meets traditional to create exceptional cuisine.


Self-proclaimed foodies Milka and chef Romeo serve up the best plant based Ethiopian dishes through a NY lens.